> June Visit

Cuyler & Will and POKEMON
Ebby helping Bubbe mix soil (pretty good for a girl who doesn't like dirty hands!)
My two very best girls
Mom et al
Savor the moment (Will at peace -BRIEFLY)
Will at the Wall (story teller at Art Festival)
Ebby & Bubbe marveling at Waterfire
Waterfire Providence
the Beach Boys -Bowles style
And the winners are: Cuyler & Will
Men and their Muffins (choc chip if you please!)
Bubbe & Ebby body surfing!
? Southern Belle in the making
Church flowers for 6/24 wedding
Mrs Blossom's garden in the rain
Ebby & Bubbe glammed up (so to speak)
Ebby & Bubbe's fav store (& game)